Good afternoon and happy Friday from Hatfield Elementary School!

It has been a great and beautiful week here at Hatfield Elementary, with the sun shining and the kids back for full days! I have been nothing short of impressed by their work ethic and stamina. Huge kudos to the staff here for making this transition as smooth as possible. We’re lucky to have such a committed team. 

Please remember that for lunch, you need to sign up by Friday for the following week’s lunch selections. Lunches for the week are delivered by UMass over the weekend, and changes can’t be made after that point. Lunch Selection Form

For dismissal, if you are able, please, please, please have the sheet of paper with the names of the children you are picking up written in big, bold letters. If you don’t have the form from the school, that’s okay. Any piece of paper with big, bold letters will do. If the majority of people have those, and hold them up to their windshields, I can often call 3 or 4 students or groups at once, and the line moves faster. If every car needs to stop and tell me who is getting picked up, it slows the process down significantly. 

Thank you for everyone who has signed up for the Afterschool Program. We are working with the Collaborative for Educational Services to get it staffed so it can run. If you would like to apply to be part of the afterschool program, please see the opportunity at this link: https://www.collaborative.org/employment/after-school-activity-leader-elementary-school-hatfield 

Lastly, we are in need of substitute teachers! If you are interested in becoming a valuable part of our team, connecting with kids, and making a difference, please contact Riley Malinowskiin the Superintendent’s Office. rmalinowski@hatfieldps.net. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 


Conor Driscoll, Ed.D. 

Principal, Hatfield Elementary School