Weekly email: April 1st

SA Falcons started the Fall II season with win for both Varsity teams this week

Good morning everyone, 

It is hard to believe that it is April already and that there are only 46 more school days left of the academic year 2020/21!!!!

When planning celebrations please remember to continue to use masks, sanitize and socially distance. When planning to travel out of state, please remember to check the HPS travel protocols first.

Please note that Q3 closes on April 2nd but that reports will not be shared to the portal until April 12th at 2pm. The change in dates is to allow us to make scheduling changes in preparation for our return to school on April 26th.

Don't forget that tomorrow is a 1/2 day for everyone. Classes finish at 11:50!

Please see below for information on upcoming events.

Enjoy the weekend




Planning our return on April 26th - link We are in the process of changing student and teacher schedules in preparation for our return on April 26th. Whilst these draft changes may be visible in plus portals, they will not come into effect until April 26th and everyone will continue to use our hybrid schedules until then. We will share confirmed schedules the week of April 12th, the first week of Q4. Organising schedules is a huge undertaking that would normally be completed over a number of weeks. The DESE mandate has asked us to do this in a number of days. Thank you for your patience with this and also for your understanding that this is a fluid situation and that some things may change slightly.

(If your child will be stepping into the building for the first time on April 26th and they would like a brief orientation tour on the morning of the 26th, please let us know by completing this survey.)


Single Door entrance at SA

This week we have had a successful pilot of students using the main doors for entry and grade level doors for exit. We will continue with this process for the foreseeable future. Please check that your children have masks prior to leaving home/ your car in the morning.

Last day for Grade 12

  • Last day of school will be May 28th
  • Grades close for Grade 12 - May 28th
  • Graduation & Class day: June 4th

Out of State Travel

Please remember to consider our travel guidelines for students and families traveling out of state or planning to travel out of state in the April break: Link Please contact your building Nurse with any specific questions.

MCAS and AP Exams

We are still waiting for confirmation from DESE in relation to some of these dates. As soon as we receive updates, we will inform you. This is our most recent document.

Graduation & Class day: June 4th, 7-9pm

I met with the BoH, the District Nurse and the Covid Coordinator who signed off on our plans for a combined indoor Graduation and Class awards ceremony. More details will be confirmed before the April break. As of now we can confirm that:


  • The event will be indoors and masks will be mandatory
  • Graduates will be allowed to invite a maximum of 4 guests, who will be seated in a family pod. 
  • G & B Photography will set up inside to take individual photos of the graduates after receiving their diplomas


DESE has issued the following statement on Proms: 

In the context of COVID-19, prom is an inherently high-risk activity, as it is a social gathering that involves dancing and singing (both of which are activities with increased respiration), and also presents concerning opportunities for students to break health and safety protocols in a relaxed environment. Therefore, after consultation with our medical advisors, DESE strongly recommends that schools do not have proms.

If families are planning a private event they should follow the latest state guidelines on health and safety protocols. 

Nurse Updates

Athletics Updates

Upcoming dates 

  • Q3: grades close April 2 & Report cards issued: April 12th
  • Q4 starts: Monday 5th April
  • April 2nd - Good Friday: School ends at 11:50am
  • April Vacation: 19-23rd
  • April 26th - Grade 7-12 Schedule will change and the school day will run from 7:30-2pm
  • May 17th: Declamations deadline 
  • May 28th - Provisional final date for Grade 12 (To be confirmed)
  • May 22nd - Homecoming (A rain date of May 23rd - with the event shortened to 9 - 9:30am -Speeches only) See last week's update for details
  • June 4th - Graduation and Class day event: 7-9pm