Weekly email: March 24th

Mr. B teaching Grade 10 ELA

Good morning everyone, 

I hope that you are enjoying a good week. 

Whilst we are planning for our mandated in-person return on April 26th, I am conscious of the rise in numbers recently and would ask for your support in continuing to sanitize, wear masks and social distance appropriately. These are practices that can be forgotten with sunshine but are vital in order to maintain our schools open for the remainder of the year  and keep them as safe places for students and staff alike. 

Thank you for reading this email carefully. 

Enjoy the 1/2 day on Friday April 2nd - don't forget that there won't be classes (live or remote) after 11:50am.

Please email with questions or concerns.




Single door entrance from Monday 29th March

Thank you to all our families for responding to the return to school survey. In anticipation of an increase in student numbers, next week we will be piloting a single entrance start to the day when doors open at 8:20am. This pilot will help inform planning for the 26th April and will initially run for a single week. Students will exit the building at the end of the day using their grade level doors. Please note the practical expectations for students and families:

  • Doors will be open at 8:20
  • Students should have masks on before leaving their vehicles.  
  • White lines have been painted across the sidewalk around the circle. This is where students should line up before entering the building. 
  • 2 students can line up on the same white line - stand at opposite sides until you are called forwards
  • Use sanitizer provided on tables before entering the building
  • Students who drive should park and then use the path to the lobby, where there are also white lines painted
  • End of day process will be the same as it is at the moment.

Out of State Travel

Please remember to consider our travel guidelines for students and families traveling out of state or planning to travel out of state in the April break: Link

Return to school planning

Admin is working on planning schedules and processes for our return on April 26th. DESE has mandated that the majority instructional model will be in-person and we will continue to offer support for the minority of students who will remain remote for the remainder of the year. Remote learning will look different for these students from April 26th and more information on in-person and remote learning will be shared according to the timeline here.

Declamations 2021

Sophomores will continue this long and prestigious Smith Academy tradition as this week Mr Brown officially launched Declamations for 2021 with a deadline of May 17th. The Smith Academy Declamations is the longest-running public speaking contest in the United States and a part of the Smith Academy student experience.

Video clip entries must be with him by Monday 17th May. Faculty judges will select a winner, runner up and third place.  The Hatfield Book Club is providing cash prizes for the top three spots: $100 for the winner, $75 for 2nd place and $50 for third place. The three prize winners will be asked to read their entries at Homecoming on Saturday May 22nd.The winning student will be invited to read their declamation at our Homecoming on May 22nd

MCAS and AP Exams

We are still waiting for confirmation on Grade 7 & 8 MCAS exams. More information about testing will be shared as we receive it. MCAS students, please look out for an email during the week of April 26th. AP students, please check your email regularly. Here is the current schedule.

Nurse Updates

Athletics Updates

Upcoming dates 

  • Q3: grades close April 2 & Report cards issued: April 9th
  • Q4 starts: Monday 5th April
  • April 2nd - Good Friday: School ends at 11:50am
  • April Vacation: 19-23rd
  • April 26th - Grade 7-12 Schedule will change and the school day will run from 7:30-2pm
  • May 17th: Declamations deadline 
  • May 28th - Provisional final date for Grade 12 (To be confirmed)
  • May 22nd - Homecoming (A rain date of May 23rd - with the event shortened to 9 - 9:30am -Speeches only) See below
  • June 4th - Graduation and Class day event: 7-9pm (To be confirmed) See below


Homecoming 2021 (May 22nd (Rain date for May 23rd)

Running Order:




Welcome speeches & Class of '21 gift presentation, Declamations winner & Homecoming award winner

11-1, 1:30-3:30

Baseball/ Softball Games

Senior Sports send off between games

Rain date: May 23rd (No sports)




Welcome speeches & Class of '21 gift presentation, Declamations winner & Homecoming award winner. 

Senior sports send off will be rescheduled


Graduation: June 4th, 7-9pm (TBD)

Using guidance from the state and working with the town COVID coordinator and Board of Health, we are tentatively planning an indoor Class day and Graduation event on June 4th. More information will be forthcoming.


DESE has issued guidance on Graduation ceremonies but nothing on Proms. Unfortunately, the school is not in a position to organize and run a prom this academic year. Thank you for your understanding.