Fall II - Pictures, Grades Closing, & Spectators

Hello everyone! 


Individual, team, and action photos will be taken for Girls Soccer on April 6th at 3pm. 

Individual, team, and action photos will be taken for JV and Varsity Boys Soccer on April 15th at 3pm.


I also wanted to remind you all that Quarter #3 grades are closing soon (Friday, April 2nd), followed by report cards coming out on Friday, April 9th! This means that anyone who is currently playing soccer can become academically ineligible on Friday, April 9th if they get an F on their report card. If a student gets an F on their report card on April 9th, this also makes them academically ineligible for Spring sports (baseball/softball). If you are concerned about your academic eligibility for either Fall II or Spring, please email me (aslysz@hatfieldps.net).


I will be giving out passes/badges on lanyards for spectators to wear to any home and/or away games. The rules are: 2 adults and up to 2 siblings can attend per home student-athlete. The adult passes are for adults (parents/guardians/relatives/family friends) but the sibling passes are SPECIFICALLY for siblings. These passes cannot be used for anyone other than siblings. This is all per the EEA State Guidelines. I will be sending out a Google Form the day before each game, asking you to pre-register your spectators. Lastly, there will also not be any indoor bathroom usage allowed. There will be porta potties on site for you to use. 

Have a great weekend!