One Year of Covid: Let's Stay Vigilant!

March 18, 2021.  :Let's stay SMART* with all that we've learned about Covid 19.  Consider the knowledge we've gained from the alphabet soup of public health policy organizations:  the WHO, CDC, and DPH but also the daily personal gestures from family, friends, and colleagues..  Every effort has made a difference

It's important to remember that these public and personal efforts that have helped us so far need to be continued because there is still a great deal to learn about slowing the spread of Covid.  While the recent rates of infection here in the U.S. have thankfully gone down since peaking in January (at over 300,000),  it's important to note that today's plateau is much higher than last summer.  For example, there were 18,616 new cases noted on June 7, 2020 while 58,856 new cases were reported just yesterday (NY Times).  In other words, our baseline of new cases has not approached zero but has actually become higher.  The widescale vaccination campaign currently underway is a race to bring this current downward trend even lower to stop the spread of the virus, 

With all of this in mind, here are some important steps to follow in order to stay SMART* about reducing the spread...

1.  If planning a visit out of state, please follow the District Protocols if traveling or hosting an out-of-state visitor.  Because it takes at least 5 days from the point of exposure to "incubate"or build up enough viral load to validate a covid test, students who travel need to quarantine for 5 days after returning home, then get tested,  and send the negative test results to the school nurse prior to returning to school.  This quarantine time needs to include temporary remote learning which counts as "time on learning". .Here are the original  HPS District Travel Protocols published in the Nov. 20 Superintendent's Newsletter fyi.  For further info, please contact your building nurse.

2.  Stay vigilant with the SMART* guidelines  (Space yourself from others. Mask up! Make sure Air is circulating (stay outside or in well-ventilated rooms when inside). Restrict your social circle. Don’t let visits with others last for too much Time).  Additional SMART guidelines apply when we feel sick (Stay home, Make the call to your Primary Health Care Provider (PCP), Avoid spreading germs by frequently washing hands and common surfaces, Restrict access to other household members and wear a mask if you need to be within 6 feet, Test for Covid (& Flu or Strep if recommended by PCP).

3.  Continue to use the Symptom Report Form each day, not only for school days but overall to help your family continue to stay safe.

Thank you to all families for helping us keep the schools safe places for learning.