Pooled Covid Testing: Coming to HPS!

March 11.   We’re pleased to announce that HPS is now offering free pooled COVID testing for all students and staff who wish to participate through April 18 on a pilot basis.   As we bring more students back into school for more days, we want to do everything we can to keep the schools open while assuring that our students,staff, and community at large stay as safe as possible. Pooled testing is a fast,cost-effective way that we can find the virus before any individual develops symptoms.

How will this work for my child?  What does this mean?  How do I enroll my child?   Click HPS Pooled Testing Info for answers to these and other questions.

If you choose to enroll, please use this code:  [helix-hatfield] for both schools.

We look forward to providing this extra layer of safety in our schools.