Good Afternoon and Happy Friday from Hatfield Elementary. 

I hope everyone had a restful week and is enjoying the snow. We’re looking forward to seeing you all on Monday! Here are a couple reminders before the start of the week. 

  1. We will be having a new traffic pattern. This is to allow for an easier flow of traffic as the number of students increases. The picture below shows the routes. The biggest (only) change is to the 1st-3rd grade pattern. All cars in 1st-6th grade will now proceed to the far rear parking lot. 1st-3rd cars will then turn back through the closer lot, dropping students off at the entrance by the gym (similar to where they were earlier in the year). 1st-3rd grade cars will then exit back onto Billings Way. Please know that this now means that Billings Way will be more 2-way than it has been. Please stay to the right to allow for 2-way traffic. 

  1. For families of students in grades 4-6, please complete this form. As we look to bring more students back in person for more time, having a commitment for an extended period as to preferred learning model for each student allows us to plan with concrete numbers for how to best use space and personnel. We have heard from about 50% of parents, but will need to hear from 100% before we can move forward. Please take a couple of minutes to fill it out. 

  2. For families of students in grades 1-3, we are in the process of moving forward with bringing more students in for more time. We are on target for an early March start. Please be on the lookout for updates. 

  3. Next Wednesday, the PTO is sponsoring a Bingo Night. Please see below: 

Form to sign up and pay for the bingo kits

Venmo option for payment - @HESPTA - OR - Purchase online using a credit/debit card


  1. Our next All-School Meeting will be on Friday, 2/26 from 1:50-2:10. The zoom link will be put into classrooms this week. 

  2. Lastly, a reminder about our district’s travel policy. Please see the language below, and feel free to contact Nurse Jean with any questions. 

HES Travel Policy:

Students/staff who have traveled to high risk areas need to quarantine and attend school remotely until they either: present a negative Covid test done no earlier than 5 days after returning to MA or quarantine (and participate remotely) for a full 14 days. Also, students/staff with immediate household members who have traveled to high risk areas need to quarantine while waiting for the household member’s test results as above.

If a traveler has visited your household without first quarantining and testing negative as above, then any students in your household will need to quarantine for the full 14 days and be on remote status.