1/29/21 Update


Good Afternoon and Happy Friday from Hatfield Elementary School, 

It was wonderful to welcome more students back into school this week. We look forward to welcoming our Cohort A back on Monday. Please remember the following: 

  1. Please make sure your child comes with masks and has it on before exiting the car. 

  2. To facilitate a smooth entry, please have your child ready to go at the drop-off points with bags zipped, breakfast eaten, etc. 

  3. For dismissal, if you still have the yellow paper with your child’s name and grade, you get a Gold Star! If not, that’s okay. You can either write your child(ren)’s name in big, dark marker so it can be seen from far away, or roll down your window to remind me who you are picking up. If you are arranging for your child(ren) to be picked up by anyone other than their parent/guardian, please let us know. 

  4. Please remember that if you have kids from multiple grades, all kids will be picked up/ dropped off at the entrance where the youngest student enters the school. 

  5. We have a slight change to the 1st-3rd grade drop off point in order to ease congestion on Billings way: 

    1. PK/K will continue to be dropped off and picked up at the PK/K entrance. 

    2. 1st - 3rd grade will now be dropped off at the rear entrance by the cafeteria. (This is the same drop-off/pick-up point as last year and that we were using in the priority model). 

    3. 4th-6th grade will continue to be dropped off/picked up at the entrance by the playground. 

  6. Please note, that 1st-3rd traffic should take the first left after the PK/K turn. There will be a sign. 4th-6th traffic should take the second left into the rear lot to proceed to the far side of the building. After the gate, there will be a sign directing 4-6th traffic to stay left to drop-off, and 1st-3rd traffic to stay right to (slowly) pass. Please remember that kids are getting out of cars, so please be extremely careful. The speed limit at school is Pi.

  7. Please stop at all stop signs. 

  8. Lastly, please remember to fill out the daily symptom check for your child found here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeO8U_V6fVEWHu_bykgr8nzuCZ0fp3rZ5W9vDA63T4FGyYGcQ/closedform 

PK and K report cards will be sent home next week. 

Please remember to email Jackie Pelc and your child's teacher if their drop off or pick up routine is different on any particular day. This works far better than sending a note or calling. 

It is very cold outside today. It is winter in New England, and we ask that you help your child dress appropriately for the weather. Hats, coats, gloves and boots will help your child stay comfortable and happy. 

Lastly, we will be having an All-School-Meeting this afternoon starting at 1:50. Please use the invitation below to access it. There was an issue with school-issued chromebooks not being able to access Zoom, but that has been addressed. Utilizing Zoom will allow us to have more than 100 participants, an issue we ran into last time. 

Join Via Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 853 7060 5490 Passcode: 253835

+1 929 205 6099 US


Thank you, 

Conor Driscoll