School District is the Recipient of Several State and Private Grants

Dear Hatfield School Community Members:

The Hatfield Public School District has received several state and private grants during the 2019-2020 School Year. These grants are in addition to the recurring federal and state entitlement grants that the district receives annually to help fund the schools. Most of these grants are one-time grants and very competitive. 

Below is a list of the additional grants the district has received this year:

SAFE SCHOOLS AND COMMUNITIES INITIATIVE, $33,826 - This grant will be used to pay for the replacement of all door locks at Smith Academy and the elementary school to ensure that the classrooms are secure during a lock-down situation. The grant will also be used to install emergency notification lights at the entrance of both schools that are tied into the preexisting panic alarms used to notify the police and warn individuals if a crisis is occurring. 

IMPROVING STUDENT ACCESS TO BEHAVIORAL AND MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES, $11,097- This grant will be used to provide mentor training for staff at both schools to implement a "Check-in -Check-out'" program that assigns a staff member to serve as a mentor for students experiencing anxiety while at school. 

EDUCATION INNOVATION AND RESEARCH GRANT, $7,500- This grant provides curriculum support and professional development to fully implement a 21st-Century computer science curriculum for Smith Academy.  This is a multi-year grant with an annual payment of $7,500 for the next four years. 

SCHOOL DISTRICT REGIONALIZATION, $18,000 - This grant will be used to conduct a comprehensive review of the Hatfield school lunch program and the Hadley school lunch program with emphasis on revenues, expenditures, operations, food quality, and environmental impact amd identify areas of common challenges and success.  The grant will also be used to identify potential elements to incorporate into a shared services agreement  including observations and findings with specific recommendations that addressed identified concerns. 

SCHOOL NUTRITION EQUIPMENT ASSISTANCE FOR HIGH NEEDS DISTRICTS, $2,278- This grant will be used to purchase food processors for the kitchens at Smith Academy and the elementary school. 

RURAL SCHOOL AID, $5,547- The purpose of the aid is to provide funds to support efforts to increase regional collaboration, consolidation, and other efficiencies. 

PALS STUDY- Amount Unspecified- This grant will support the implementation of the "MathSpring" program at the sixth grade. The grant will cover all professional development costs related to the implementation of the "MathSpring" program. This is a multi-year grant and will take place over 2 to 3 years.

In addition to the above grants, the  Hatfield Public School District continues to receive very generous support from numerous community groups including the Hatfield Education Foundation, The Hatfield Parent Teacher Association, The Smith Academy Boosters Club, STArHS, and Hatfield Cultural Council, The Smith Academy Board of Trustees, The Hatfield Book Club, and The Hatfield Lion's Club.

Thank you to all who support the Hatfield Public Schools. 



John F. Robert