Blue Safety Strobe Light Installed at Smith Academy

Dear Hatfield School Community, 

I want to bring everyone's attention to a recently installed safety feature at the Smith Academy.  We now have a flashing blue strobe light mounted near the front entrance of the School.  This strobe light is attached to and will flash upon the activation of the school's existing panic alarm.  

The purpose of this new blue strobe light is to provide advance warning to arriving buses, students, families, visitors, and staff, of a possible safety concern within the school.  In practice, the new blue strobe will serve much the same function as the clear or white strobe lights you may have seen on buildings which help indicate to everyone that the fire alarm is going off.  If you observe the blue strobe light flashing upon your arrival to the school, we would kindly request that you: Remain in your vehicle, leave the area in a safe manner, and notify "911" of the activation. A similar light was installed earlier this year at the elementary school.