Smith Academy News

Project 351 ambassadors from the state met in Boston to launch their work for  2020/21
Catherine Kokoski from Grade 8, the Smith Academy Project 351 ambassador for 2020 was among the group of ambassadors from all over the state who gathered in Boston for the program launch, earlier this month. To find out more about Project 351, please click, here.
Smith Academy students rehearse scenes from the Spring Musical
Rehearsals have started in earnest for the Spring 2020 musical, 110 In the Shade.  Please make sure you check the time and location, here.  Ticket information will be available soon!
MIAA Ambassadors with the cans they have collected so far
Smith Academy MIAA Ambassadors have so far collected over 250 food cans during the month of January.  Falcons fans are reminded that students can bring a can instead of paying an entry fee at the last home game of January, tomorrow. Perhaps we could take the number past 300?
The January edition of the student paper, Falcon Flyer, is out now!
Happy 2020! The student newspaper, Falcon Flyer, January edition is out now! If you would like to contribute to future editions, please speak with Mr. Duncan.  
Rehearsals for the Spring Musical start this week
Welcome to 2020! The January rehearsal schedule for 110 in the Shade can be found, here. Additional dates and times will be added to this working document. Please check back in with it! Any questions, please email the producers 
Luna will be starting work at HPS in January 2020
We are delighted to announce that Luna, the newest member of the Hatfield Police department, will be starting her official work as a comfort dog at HPS in January 2020. Luna will accompany Officer Lavallee, our SRO, when she is on duty at HES and SA during the week. Luna is a 2 year old AKC yellow lab owned and trained by Officer Lavallee. Both Luna and Officer Lavallee are a therapy team...
December edition of the Falcon Flyer is out now!
The December edition of the Smith Academy student newspaper, Falcon Flyer, is out now! Use this link to read all about it!
On Thursday Dec 12th, from 7:30-8:30 I will be available to meet with and listen to parent thoughts on the year so far.  I look forward to meeting and hearing from you then. Sincerely Chris Buckland
Congratulations to the following students who have secured the following roles for our 2019/20 musical, 110 In the Shade:   Lizzy Curry    …………Audrey Smith  Bill Starbuck ………….Riley DiPillo  H.C. Curry ……………Emily Blodgett  Noah Curry …………..Hollis Toney  Jimmy Curry …………JJ Kroll  Snookie Updegraff ….Claire Bennett File ……………………...
Expecting Thanksgiving Discussions about Vaping, Tobacco and Nicotine?  When you get together with family and friends around a Thanksgiving table do you expect the subject of vaping and vaping illnesses to come up?  Do you worry that you don’t know how to respond because you want to share accurate and helpful information?   Here are a few suggestions to help you respond...